Live From Travel Week: How Tourism Exchange USA Grows Sales

Listen to Tourism Exchange USA's CEO, Nate Huff, provide an overview of how TXUSA is creating value for its partners

TXUSA at Brand USA Travel Week

“We have a gap here in that these meaningful, out of the way, small business experiences, they just naturally don’t have the volume to make sense in a traditional [travel trade] model all the time. So we have to find new ways to get these products into the market place. And that’s really where Tourism Exchange USA can help be part of a solution to continue to expand the pie for everyone.”

– Nate Huff, CEO of Tourism Exchange USA

While presenting at the Brand USA Travel Week UK & Europe 2023 conference, Tourism Exchange USA’s president, Nate Huff, provided an overview of how TXUSA is creating new opportunities for Suppliers, Distributors and Destinations in the travel trade space. The presentation took place in London, England, and featured some of Tourism Exchange Great Britain’s early adopters like Nick Laister, Owner of Fairytale Farms, and Kathryn Davis, Managing Director of Visit West, who all shared their experiences with the groundbreaking new platform. Staci Mellman, Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing at Brand USA, moderated the session.

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