Contract and Connect Products More Easily.

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Gain access to live availability, pricing and content for accommodations, tours, events and attractions. Every category of supplier together in one place for the first time.

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The new home for all tourism products.

Quirky accommodations, traditional vacation rentals, guided walking tours, paddle boarding and more. In this country, there’s no such thing as a typical USA tourism product. If you want to be a part of celebrating the diversity of everything our sector has to offer visitors connect your business to Tourism Exchange USA and widen your customer offerings, all from one central platform. Streamline your marketing and save time by featuring what’s most relevant in your campaigns and on your website.

All the Tools You Need.

All the information you need at your fingertips, with all the support and applications you need to use it best.

Connection options to suit you

Connect to the Exchange free of charge with its white label tools, or use an API to build your own user experience. If you need development help, we’re happy to provide a cost quote.

You’re in complete control

Set your own distribution terms and conditions as well as commission levels. Suppliers agree to these terms when they opt in to your distribution channel.

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Quickly and easily embed a customizable, calendar-style availability display into your website.


Booking pages allow you to display all of your products on your website by using the platform’s white label solution.

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See the bigger picture. Search entire regions and compare real-time information on price and availability across multiple suppliers.

Create price-based retail campaigns

Launch campaigns with a simple step-by-step setup. Apply your specialist market knowledge to put the best discounts in front of the right customers.

Free API and Tools,
With no Hidden Fees.

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The platform costs are simple, fair and flexible to work for your preferred model. Whether it’s a “direct payment” model or “on account payment”, there are no ongoing charges, regardless of how many queries or bookings you place through Tourism Exchange USA.

Sales Analytics

See how your business is performing online in real time with top-line and in-depth analytics. Go as granular as you need to with detailed insights available on every aspect of your business.

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Here are some of the top ones we get asked.

What’s the difference between joining with an API or using the Exchange's white label tools?

It’s free to use Tourism Exchange USA’s white label tools. Key features of connecting using these include:

  • Minimal development work required.
  • Fixed user experience.
  • Direct payment only.

The key features of connecting with Tourism Exchange USA through an API are:

  • Build your own user experience.
  • Work with ‘on request’ suppliers.
  • Supplier direct or ‘on account’ payment. There are some development costs to set up the API, and these are dependent on requirements.
What’s a campaign, and how does it work?
By creating campaigns within the distributor dashboard, distributors can define and manage the products offered to consumers for use in marketing initiatives. These campaigns are typically developed to promote tourism/bookings within the distributor’s destination. Distributors can create a marketing campaign that includes a ‘landing page’ where chosen suppliers can be efficiently and effectively presented in a list to consumers. The distributor can define which suppliers can participate and/or the exact requirements they need to meet to qualify. The landing page then links to a booking page URL where consumers can place online bookings


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